Why Travel Agents are Better Than Going it Alone

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Hey Michelle...WTH DO YOU DO?

I get asked several times a day what exactly is my job? I wear many hats, and I change them depending on the day and circumstance is usually my answer. My main job is a travel consultant. I have had the pleasure of traveling to several destinations around the world and my main reason
for those travels is to serve as a walking human review. From the moment I leave my house to the moment I return I am constantly observing everything. It starts with my mode of transportation, from the Uber/Lyft to the airport/cruise ship; I am observing the cruise line or airline I am on, the service they give me, the food.

Once I get to a destination, my first thought is, “is it easy to get here?" What kind of traveler will this attract? Is it suitable for all demographics/ages?” Then I start with the sights. I start observing all of the things there are to do, the sights that are a must see and those that aren’t, the must do activities, places to stay and places to eat. Everything you can possibly think of I observe and I review. I give you an honest opinion. Anyone can sell you a destination or an excursion I on the other let my experiences speak for themselves.

Another frequently asked question I get is” I can get my hotel anywhere online why go to you?” Here’s my answer I don’t charge you anything more than any other price you can find, most times I can even find it cheaper for you. However, you gain a lot more than you would with an online agent. I’ve been able to visit a lot of places and I am a walking human review. Also, I’m as honest as they come. All of my clients are treated as friends and family members. I make it my #1 priority to make sure all of my clients have the vacation of their dreams.


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Never Underestimate Nassau

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Being a Floridian, it’s very easy to spend a day or a weekend in the Bahamas. It is very common for  Floridians to visit the Bahamas on their very first vacation. My family didn’t grow up going on many cruises, so I didn’t get to visit the Bahamas until about 5 years ago, and I’ve been back about 6 times since then.  The reason is usually every cruise makes at least 1 stop in the Bahamas on its itinerary.  Since I’ve been there so many times, I’ve done the Atlantis resort tour, the beaches, the island tour and I’ve been shopping at the stores conveniently placed near the port.    


This time my travel buddy had never been to Nassau, which is always fun to experience something new through someone else’s eyes.  She had never been to the Atlantis Resort and had wanted to see the very famous resort.  We decided to take a cab to the resort the day we would stop there.


    We were able to take a short tour around the island, visit the beaches and tour the Atlantis resort for just $8/ per person.  In order to be able to do this for such a cheap price it does require some patience and I can also help you do the same. 

Once you get off the cruise ship you need to walk the entire port and kindly ignore all of the taxi drivers offering you the best deals of the day to tour the Bahamas.   Once you leave the port there are usually tons of taxis waiting and they usually offer cheaper deals.  We took a shared taxi to the Atlantis Resort for only $4. 

Once we were in the Atlantis Resort we toured through the lobby and the gorgeous aquarium where you’ll get to meet the friendliest stingrays.  You’ll get to tour the beautiful casino and the fabulous shops.  That seems like an inexpensive way to spend a day at one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean doesn’t it??