Why Travel Agents are Better Than Going it Alone

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Hey Michelle...WTH DO YOU DO?

I get asked several times a day what exactly is my job? I wear many hats, and I change them depending on the day and circumstance is usually my answer. My main job is a travel consultant. I have had the pleasure of traveling to several destinations around the world and my main reason
for those travels is to serve as a walking human review. From the moment I leave my house to the moment I return I am constantly observing everything. It starts with my mode of transportation, from the Uber/Lyft to the airport/cruise ship; I am observing the cruise line or airline I am on, the service they give me, the food.

Once I get to a destination, my first thought is, “is it easy to get here?" What kind of traveler will this attract? Is it suitable for all demographics/ages?” Then I start with the sights. I start observing all of the things there are to do, the sights that are a must see and those that aren’t, the must do activities, places to stay and places to eat. Everything you can possibly think of I observe and I review. I give you an honest opinion. Anyone can sell you a destination or an excursion I on the other let my experiences speak for themselves.

Another frequently asked question I get is” I can get my hotel anywhere online why go to you?” Here’s my answer I don’t charge you anything more than any other price you can find, most times I can even find it cheaper for you. However, you gain a lot more than you would with an online agent. I’ve been able to visit a lot of places and I am a walking human review. Also, I’m as honest as they come. All of my clients are treated as friends and family members. I make it my #1 priority to make sure all of my clients have the vacation of their dreams.


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