A Look At Antigua

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Have you ever been to place and the moment you entered you knew you were going to love it?  That’s what Antigua was for me.  

I had heard great things from people about Antigua before I got there so I knew I was in for a Caribbean paradise.  Our day in Antigua was something close to magical even a little bit of rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying our perfect beach day.  

            Throughout the island of Antigua there are 365 beaches. We definitely had a decision to make early on.   We took a tour with a private cab driver for about $20 and he took us around the island for an hour and a half.  After our private tour he took us to the Dickensen’s beach and once we were done he took us back to the ship.  


  The island of Antigua is rather small and fortunately wasn’t affected by the hurricane.  Barbuda was badly affected and I hope that they are able to get back to normal soon.  The majority of these islands rely on tourism as their major source of income and with the hurricanes causing so much damage it has been tough for them to recuperate. 

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                       Dickensen’s Beach was definitely the best choice for us to spend the day.  We got some amazing weather on a semi-private beach.   For the few minutes that it was raining we were able to hole up at Coconut Grove Restaurant, which is conveniently located steps from the water.  After we were done with our beach day we decided to walk around the beach to the other resorts that were also on the beach.  

                        The main thing I enjoyed about Dickensen’s Beach was the floating bar they had a few miles from the shoreline.  You can swim or take a small boat to the bar and as soon as you’re done with your drinks you can dive right back into the ocean.  

            Antigua was a day in absolute paradise.  The only negative thing I would take away from our day is that Antigua is known to be rather expensive.  Especially if you’re staying on the island the restaurants around there tend to be more on the pricier side.