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Napa Valley is a short drive from San Francisco, being the wine-o that I am a trip to
the Bay Area isn’t complete without a trip to Napa Valley. Leaving San Francisco our
plan was to drive up to Napa Valley in a red Camaro convertible of course a big
bucket list item for me. Driving to Napa was absolutely beautiful to say the least.


After the cocktail hour the concierge found out we didn’t have plans for the next day and the entire staff went ahead and planned our tour for the next day. Well it wasn’t as much of a tour as it was a private driver that had set up appointments at the boutique wineries all over Napa.  We had such an amazing time, our guide was with us for roughly 11 hours, and definitely something I recommend to my clients over and over again. 


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The next day was my 28th birthday and off we went on a hot air balloon ride!! I was so excited to do this yet terrified at the same time.  I am not a fan of heights to say the least and for about the first hour of the ride I barely moved for fear of tipping over but once I got comfortable it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever experienced, Napa Valley at sunrise it was purely magical.  Side note if I knew you have to get in and out of the hot air balloon baskets I’m not sure I would have done it.  You literally have to jump in or someone has to give you a lift and getting out appeared to be more difficult.  I’m a "clutz" and my best friend was suffering from a hangover from the night before so literally our pilot had to tip the basket so we could just walk out of there, which turned out to be a breeze.   Totally worth it! 

After our ride our tour included a champagne brunch with pictures from a ride and a bottle of champagne.  Talk about giving great souvenirs.   Our champagne brunch was followed by a nap so we could visit more wineries. Napa Valley  to me is a great wedding destination, honeymoon trip or girl’s trip. I had such an amazing time I’m finding any excuse I can to go back!!

I visited a total of about 20 wineries on our little weekend getaway and these are my top 5:


  • Grgich Winery

  • Robert Mondavi

  • Del Dotto Vineyards

  • Salvestrin Wineries

  • Boeschen Vineyards


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Once we got there we checked into the Embassy Suites Napa Valley, a Hilton
property and we fell in love the moment we walked in. Like I mentioned earlier I
have been staying in Hilton properties all over the world for as long as I can
remember and I have never received such over the top accommodating treatment as
I did on that stay. As soon as we settled in we went to the cocktail hour the property
has for all of their guests.


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For more info about Napa, please feel free to contact me!
Safe travels, Michelle